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Who are we?

Phoenix Concrete Products is an old established manufacturer of concrete products. It has an outstanding reputation for the production of quality products, timely delivery and customer service. All the products the customer receives have been tested and certified by the Dubai Municipality and conform to its standards.

Phoenix has now expanded thrice recently in order to meet increased demand and to enable the company to offer its customers a wider product range and shorter delivery times. The factories not only incorporate the latest German technology but include a number of features developed by Phoenix themselves. The second factory was commissioned in the spring of 2000 and the third at the end of 2003, which has been re-engineered and indigenously manufactured and erected with in-house technology.

These developments have enabled Phoenix to offer a complete range of light weight products based on the incorporation of high quality pumice from a source exclusively available to Phoenix in the UAE. The new Dubai government regulations on the insulation of buildings are now in force. Phoenix light weight products have been given government technical approval. These products enable the design profession the ability to offer more economic structures, lower energy costs for building which meet the new regulations and improved sound insulation.

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